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    130130* June 2: Found the root cause for the hang issue. The issue is due to rx interrupt getting enabled before it is serviced. I put a temp hack fix and proceeded. I am able to go to the shell and execute commands. ifconfig of the interface works. irq's are established. Next week I will be working on the packet processing side.
     132* June 9: I worked on packet processing this week. We are able to receive the packets and it is moved up the network stack successfully. Transmission of packets have an issue.  The network stack generates packets and it reaches the driver. But the packet is not received on the external side. The stats registers shows that the packets are transferred properly. There are no crc, overrun errors. I also checked for connectivity errors using ethtool and that too was inline with working scenarios.The interface includes an Address lookup engine which decides how the packet is transmitted. This is where there is difference between working freebsd driver and rtems driver.   Here rtems has some junk entries which are not part of the network. Working driver has entries for only those mac addresses for which it received packets. In rtems there are some random entries which is wrong. I am checking why it happens. I am checking working freebsd driver and checking what might be a possible issue.
    132134== Jarielle Catbagan ==