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Jun 11, 2015, 10:48:34 PM (5 years ago)
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    8282* June 2: I have been going through the RPI GPIO API, and have added some locks on the interrupt create/disable functions and am currently evaluating the locations where locking may be needed. I have came to the conclusion that is best to define locks on API functions than on a per pin basis.At the same time I am separating the RPI specific code into separate functions, which could in the future be implemented by each BSP using the API to provide the BSP specific implementation as to provide the required GPIO functions. I intend to post this more clearly on my blog this week, and also check ketul's GPIO work on the BB so we can start to coordinate some ideas.
     84* June 9: This week I have gathered my views on the rtems GPIO API on a blog post and continued to separate the RPI specifics from the generic code. The blog post was announced on the devel-ml yesterday, but I expect it to take a while to have some feedback. At this point the RPI code is almost completely contained on a separate file, and after that I will be adjusting the generic API to reflect the changes mentioned in the blog post regarding API and BSP initilization, and the changes in the interface with an user application.
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