Raspberry Pi 2 Support

Improvements to Raspberry Pi 2 board support package.


Alan Cudmore, Jeff Mayes, Jennifer Averett


Rohini Kulkarni


The BSP improvements broadly focus on:

  • Implementing correct cache configurations
  • Enabling SMP environment

Getting Started

  • Raspberry Pi 2 board will be required.
  • Compile the source for bsp=raspberrypi2
  • It helps to run the simple "hello world" first. Next try running the RTEMS Kernel Image(RKI) and then the benchmarks included there.

The RKI package can be obtained from here

Implementing correct cache configurations

This includes:

  • Enable caches with CP15
  • Correct routines to setup mmu/cache
  • Test performance improvements with benchmarks(from the RKI package)

Enable and test SMP environment

As part of this the following needs to be done:

  • Adding the necessary BSP hooks
  • Interprocessor interrupts to wake the other three cores
  • Initializations for the other three cores
  • Testing with smptests

Future Work

  • Completely implementing SMP support
  • Resolving text section access permissions issue
  • Integrating Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 interrupt handling
  • Further peripheral support for Raspberry Pi 2


Detailed work can be viewed at this Blog

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