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Configuration GUI

Mentors: Amar Takhar, Chris Johns and Thomas Nagy

Students: Anand Krishnan Prakash

Status: Working on GUI draft

Introduction: Create a cross platform GUI for configuring RTEMS (waf version).

Currently, I will be working on building a GUI for configuring the build time parameters for RTEMS - such as BSP, networking etc.

So Far

  • Proposed 2 drafts, which can be found at my blog (link given below).
  • Options have been completely grouped into: General, Build, Network and Storage Settings (just a tentative list)
  • Currently working on building menus for the GUI (wxPython3).
  • Amar has modified rtems_config to py/waf and py/config to provide a single entry point to py/ and is writing functions to fetch necessary information.

Future Work

  • GUI must be able to select 1 BSP and related options.
  • GUI must be able to select more than 1 BSP and related options.
  • Range checking of the entered values for the options. Finding out patterns in the upper and lower bounds (eg: a min-max range for integers etc.) to make the work easier.
  • The configuration parameters in confdefs.h would also be converted to options for the waf version.