Google Summer of Code 2014

GSoC 2014 is over and it was a great year. This page captures the students who made proposals as well as those who worked on projects for RTEMS.

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Students' Proposals

Student Completed Hello IRC Handle Proposal Title Google Docs URL
NAME Yes or No nick on #rtems Project Title Link to Google Docs for proposal (shared with mentors)
Zhang wenjie Yes Json Condition Variables for RTEMS Proposal
Youren Shen Yes Sched Paravirtualization Layer in RTEMS Proposal
Hesham AL-Matary Yes Hesham Porting RTEMS to OpenRISC Proposal
Andre Marques Yes asuol Raspberry Pi BSP Peripherals Proposal
Yang Jin Yes jinyang Porting CAN driver, LinCAN, to RTEMS Proposal
Janek van Oirschot Yes JustJanek ARINC 653 compliance on RTEMS using POK Proposal
Premysl Houdek Yes AoLaD RTEMS port to Cortex – R4f Proposal

The Student column is for your name. The Completed Hello column lets us all know whether or not you completed the require Hello World project. Based upon our experience, students who have successfully compiled and run an RTEMS application have a MUCH MUCH higher chance of success on the proposed project. The IRC Handle column is your handle on IRC. RTEMS folks hang out in #rtems on The Proposal Title should be self-explanatory. The Google Docs URL is your proposal in Google Docs that can be reviewed and commented on by mentors.

Students' Summer of Code Tracking Table

Students whose GSoC project is accepted by RTEMS shall fill in a slot with their information in the following table, which helps to centralize SoC Project Management.

Student IRC Handle Project Link Repository Link Blog
NAME nick on #rtems Link to Project Wiki page Link to project's public Github repository Link to your development blog
Hesham ALMatary Hesham Wiki page github Blog
Andre Marques asuol Wiki page github Blog
Youren Shen Sched Wiki page github Blog
Janek van Oirschot JustJanek/JustJNK Wiki page github Blog
Premysl Houdek AoLaD Wiki page github
Krzysztof Miesowicz krzysiekm13 TODO: make wiki github Blog
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