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     1= Raspberry Pi BSP Peripherals =
     5[[TOC(TBR/BSP/Raspberry_Pi_BSP_Peripherals, depth=2)]]
     8'''Mentors:''' Alan Cudmore, Muhammad Adnan, Jennifer Averett and Amar Takhar
     10'''Students:''' André Marques
     12'''Status:''' This project is currently in the design phase
     14'''Introduction:''' This project will improve the Raspberry Pi BSP support for peripherals, namely: GPIO driver, I2C and SPI Bus drivers and Frame Buffer graphics driver support.
     16'''Goal:''' The GPIO driver should have a "generic" interface, so that other BSP's only need to provide the low level part of the driver. The I2C and SPI Bus drivers should use the cpukit/libi2c API library, while the FrameBuffer driver should use the rtems framebuffer API. Each of these drivers will be tested with real hardware wired to a Raspberry Pi. The debug environment will also be looked during this project.
     18'''Project details'''
     19 *  TBD
     21'''Requirements:''' This project requires some familiarity with the RTEMS codebase, low level programming in C and some hardware knowledge.
     25[1] - [ Current GPIO work for RPi by Pierre Ficheux]
     27[2] - [ Broadcom BCM2835 (the RPi SOC) Peripherals Guide]
     30 *  who helped and did work
     31= Miscellaneous Sections =
     35RPi: Raspberry Pi
     37GPIO: General Purpose Input/Output
     39I2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit
     41SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface
     43SOC: System-on-a-chip
     44= References =
     47 *  TBD