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/* Structure Design for New Test Suite */


Testing Framework Comparison and Sanity Check

I compared 10 testing framework by unit testing functionality and mocking capability.For each framework, I modified several tests from current test suite, compile them with RTEMS compilers, simulate the new tests with Sparc architecture, and compare the results to ensure that framework used could work correctly for RTEMS based testing.

The detailed test framework review can be accessed with this link:


Please click on the name of each testing framework to see the detailed comparison note and sanity check result.

Structure Design for New Test Suite

In order to support the four testing category, the new test-suite is structured in a way that all the tests in each group belong to the same test category. The four groups of tests are Hardware Independent Tests, CPU Dependent Tests, BSP Dependent Tests, and Peripheral Dependent Tests. Tests are structured under each test group according to the functionality they serve. The areas are: Tasks(Threads) Management, Memory Management, File Systems, General(Miscellaneous) Areas, Device IO, Network, Timing Tests.

The detailed test structure design can be see via the following link: Testing Suite Plan?

Conversion Plan of Current Test Suite to New Test Suite

= Design New Test Framework Interface=

Adding JSON Output to Unity