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GSoC 2011 Top Page primary URL or alternate URL

RTEMS was proud to be a participating organization in the Google Summer of Code in 2011. This page is a historical record.

General Information

General Program Information and Guidance

RTEMS Specific Information

  • Fedora 14 RTEMS 4.10 and 4.11 Virtual Machines? are pre-configured RTEMS development environment on Fedora 14. They are virtual machines playable with VirtualBox. For students who do not have a dedicated Fedora 14 installation, this is a great way to work with RTEMS with a minimum of pain and setup.

Be sure to add yourself to the table below.

Project Ideas

Open Projects contains the open projects list for RTEMS. It is by no means an all inclusive list and we are open to suggestions. Submissions of ports to new architectures, new BSPs, new device drivers, and test improvements are always welcomed.

Students Proposals

The final version of your proposal must be submitted via Melange at Google. But until then, please use Google Docs and put the link in this table. That way any mentor or RTEMS community member can request access and comment on your proposal. Students.. please don't peek at each other. :)


Student Completed Hello IRC Handle Proposal Title Google Docs URL
NAME Yes or No on #rtems Title Link to Google Docs for proposal |
Mohamed Naufal Yes hexene Cache Manager Support for Currently Unsupported Architectures Proposal
Zhang Wenjie Yes zwj RTEMS HyperVisor Proposal
Liu Jie Yes lj8175 RTEMS port of the GNU Java Compiler (gjc) RTEMSGSoC2011Proposal_GCJ_LiuJie
Shi Quanming Yes(rundiff) sqm RTEMS MMU Context Support Proposal
Christophe Huriaux Yes Shisui Implementation of the ISO9660 filesystem Proposal
Cui Xiang Yes medivhc POSIX Compliance Test Suite Proposal
Ricardo Aguirre Yes panzon POSIX Timing Tests
Easwar Hariharan Yes easwar/meindian523 Implementing gprof for RTEMS
Petr Benes Yes petben Porting of resource reservation framework to RTEMS executive
Scotty Smith Yes cssmith Lua Scripting and Shell Support in RTEMS Proposal

The Student column is for your name.

The Completed Hello column lets us all know whether or not you completed the require Hello World project. Based upon our experience, students who have successfully compiled and run an RTEMS application have a MUCH MUCH higher chance of success on the proposed project.

The IRC Handle column is your handle on IRC. RTEMS folks hang out in #rtems on

The Proposal Title should be self-explanatory. If approved, we will ask you to create a project to host your work and link to it here. You will need to give at least your mentor and Joel Sherrill read/write access.

The Google Docs URL is your proposal in Google Docs that can be reviewed and commented on by mentors.

RTEMS Mentors

This is probably not an all inclusive list of who has offered to be an RTEMS mentor.

  • Joel Sherrill - I am one of the original RTEMS developers and have been the project maintainer for over 10 years.
  • W. Eric Norum - I have been applying RTEMS to large experimental control system applications for over 8 years.
  • Chris Johns - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for over 10 years.
  • Ralf Corsépius - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for over 10 years and am the person providing the RTEMS toolchain rpms.
  • Alain Schaefer - I am a user of RTEMS for 1 year and have ported RTEMS to the bfin architecture. I volunteer to mentor for the Eclipse and the Configuration GUI
  • Thomas Doerfler - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for about 8 years, mainly for industrial control units.
  • Ray Xu - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for about 3 years in my spare time for fun. I volunteer to mentor project related to tinyRTEMS, skyeye, USB etc.
  • Alan Cudmore - I have been using RTEMS for satellite flight software applications for over 5 years. I volunteer to mentor for the Dynamic Loader project: I have experience with the vxWorks Dynamic Loader, the CEXP loader, and the posix dlopen() APIs.
  • Daron Chabot - I've been using RTEMS in data acquisition systems for about 5 years and I've also been an Eclipse user for about 1.5 years.
  • Aaron J. Grier - I have been using RTEMS for ~8 years to control audiological test equipment.
  • Peter Dufault - I've been doing real time work for many years, and with RTEMS for about 5 years in electric motor control systems. I'm particularly interested in control systems.
  • Sébastien Bourdeauducq (lekernel) - Lead developer of the Milkymist system-on-chip, interested in co-mentoring the development of the RTEMS port to this platform.
  • Luis Gustavo Lira - Professor and have been using RTEMS in my data acquisition courses (Master and Undergraduate). I volunteer mentor for BeagleBoard and BlueZ.

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