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    GSoC 2010 Top Page

    RTEMS was proud to be a participating organization in the Google Summer of Code in 2010. This page is a historical record.

    Student Information

    SoC Project Management

    Please visit Open Projects to see if you can find a project that interests you. If you have any questions about the projects, feel free to ask on the email list or use the Wiki Talk page feature. The project descriptions were usually written by someone with a high level of insight into the problem and will be happy to explain things in more detail to you.

    We have provided a Google Docs template for the Student Proposal. Feel free to copy it and invite potential mentors to review. Please be aware that this is NOT the official form to submit your proposal on. It must be submitted through official GSOC channels. Periodically cut and paste the proposal into the student application form. This avoids the last minute rush to do it. Typically the website is overloaded in the last few hours before the student proposal deadline.

    This year we want you to be able to hit the ground running and are asking you to show that you can actually build RTEMS, modify it a little, and run samples. Please visit the GSoC Getting Started page for details.

    • Students working on code should require no special hardware. The development can all be done and tested using a GNU/Linux host (preferably RPM based). Between the simulators in gdb, skyeye, and qemu, there is plenty of simulated target hardware.
    • RTEMS is an operating system targeting embedded systems. All development is cross. Some of the projects are focused on improving the user development experience. Eclipse has proven popular for cross embedded development and one of the suggested projects is to bring those capabilities to RTEMS.
    • RTEMS is designed to operate under tight resource restrictions. Some of the projects focus on breaking existing linkages between subsystems so those limits can be lowered further. Another area of effort is helping RTEMS fit into smaller systems.
    • Even though it is targeted to embedded systems, developers still expect as many features as possible. RTEMS provides a robust set of POSIX primitives in addition to an ITRON API and what is now known as the Classic API which provides hard real-time functionality. Some of the projects are focused on implementing a few missing pieces of POSIX functionality.


    • Drupal has some information on the writing applications that looks promising

    Students Proposals

    The final version of your proposal must be submitted via Melange at Google. But until then, please use Google Docs and put the link in this table. That way any mentor or RTEMS community member can request access and comment on your proposal. Students.. please don't peek at each other. :)


    Student Completed Hello IRC Handle Proposal Title Google Docs URL
    NAME Yes or No on #rtems Title Link to Google Docs for proposal |+
    Alin Rus Yes (diff run) rraf POSIX Async IO and List IO? Proposal
    James Switzer Yes (diff screenshot) jswitzer BeagleBoard BSP Forthcoming
    Gokul Sudhakaran Yes gokul Line Editor? Proposal
    Cláudio Silva Yes(diff HW) cdcs ATAPI/SATA Driver Proposal Draft
    Gedare Bloom Yes gedare Modular SuperCore Scheduler Manager Proposal
    Khadri Arvind Yes arvind_khadri,arvind_k OpenLDAP slapd server Proposal
    Yann Sionneau Yes (diff run) Fallenou Milkymist port Proposal
    T.Chandra Sekhar Yes sekhar TinyRTEMS Proposal
    Daniel Arbelo Arrocha Yes diff run darbelo Parrot on RTEMS Proposal
    Bharath Suri Yes diff run aniceberg Test coverage improvements Proposal
    Aman Agarwal Yes fat0ss GCCGoRTEMS Proposal
    Zhang Wenjie Yes zwj RTEMS Sequenced Initialization and RTEMS System Events Proposal
    Sun Meiying Yes smy POSIX Async IO Proposal
    Vinu Rajashekhar Yes diff run Raj_ RTEMS port of GNU GCC Go? Proposal
    Carlos Bentes Yes (diff run) cbs SMP support on RTEMS Proposal
    Alex Poovathingal Yes alexp0205 Application Configuration GUI Proposal
    Bob Kuo Yes (diff)(run) bubaflub Parrot on RTEMS Proposal

    The Student column is for your name.

    The Completed Hello column lets us all know whether or not you completed the require Hello World project. Based upon our experience, students who have successfully compiled and run an RTEMS application have a MUCH MUCH higher chance of success on the proposed project.

    The IRC Handle column is your handle on IRC. RTEMS folks hang out in #rtems on

    The Proposal Title should be self-explanatory. If approved, we will ask you to create a project to host your work and link to it here. You will need to give at least your mentor and

    Joel Sherrill read/write access.

    The Google Docs URL is your proposal in Google Docs that can be reviewed and commented on by mentors.

    RTEMS Mentors

    This is probably not an all inclusive list of who has offered to be an RTEMS mentor.

    • Joel Sherrill - I am one of the original RTEMS developers and have been the project maintainer for over 10 years.
    • W. Eric Norum - I have been applying RTEMS to large experimental control system applications for over 8 years.
    • Chris Johns - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for over 10 years.
    • Ralf Corsépius - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for over 10 years and am the person providing the RTEMS toolchain rpms.
    • Alain Schaefer - I am a user of RTEMS for 1 year and have ported RTEMS to the bfin architecture. I volunteer to mentor for the Eclipse and the Configuration GUI
    • Thomas Doerfler - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for about 8 years, mainly for industrial control units.
    • Ray Xu - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for about 3 years in my spare time for fun. I volunteer to mentor project related to tinyRTEMS, skyeye, USB etc.
    • Alan Cudmore - I have been using RTEMS for satellite flight software applications for over 5 years. I volunteer to mentor for the Dynamic Loader project: I have experience with the vxWorks Dynamic Loader, the CEXP loader, and the posix dlopen() APIs.
    • Daron Chabot - I've been using RTEMS in data acquisition systems for about 5 years and I've also been an Eclipse user for about 1.5 years.
    • Aaron J. Grier - I have been using RTEMS for ~8 years to control audiological test equipment.
    • Peter Dufault - I've been doing real time work for many years, and with RTEMS for about 5 years in electric motor control systems. I'm particularly interested in control systems.
    • Sébastien Bourdeauducq (lekernel) - Lead developer of the Milkymist system-on-chip, interested in co-mentoring the development of the RTEMS port to this platform.
    • Luis Gustavo Lira - Professor and have been using RTEMS in my data acquisition courses (Master and Undergraduate). I volunteer mentor for BeagleBoard and BlueZ.


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