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RTEMS Summer Of Code 2008

This was the first year the RTEMS Project participated in the Google Summer of Code. We were fortunate enough to have been allocated four students from Google and have three of them successfully complete their project. As mentors and as a project, we learned a lot from this effort. As I write this, we are preparing for GSOC 2010 and I can see how much better we did for our students in 2009 than in the previous year.

-- Dr. Joel 00:24, 7 February 2010 (UTC)

2008 GSOC Introduction

Hi mentors and students,

We mentors want to make sure you all get up to speed quickly and always stay focused on the next goal. You are encouraged to participate on the RTEMS mailing list and ask questions freely. If you need Skype or IRC time, ask for it. We want you all to succeed. With that in mind, as organization lead, I recommend the mentor and student work through these items first:

  • populate their student page in the RTEMS Wiki as shown below
  • set up a Google Code Project site so you can meet the deliverable requirements.
  • set up RTEMS Development Environment. If you do not have a specific CPU requirement, then powerpc/psim and sparc/sis will be great configurations to use. If you need network support, then you want to use qemu which is a PC simulator.
  • Run ticker on simulator
  • If you need networking, then run netdemo and httpd network demos. The telnetd sample is also an interesting example of the RTEMS Shell. It won't take you that long, give it a whirl.
  • Gather any needed baseline information. This may be size or performance data.
  • Research. Do you need a processor or board manual? Source code from another project? Example code from RTEMS users.
  • Discuss your design with your mentor and the community as a whole.

Ask questions and get up to speed. The community bonding period is when we get you up to speed and make sure your detailed design is OK.

I really hope that no student goes a week without checking in. Please stay in frequent contact.

Remember .. if your project didn't get a slot, you are still free to follow this process and let us help and mentor you. We want participation. That's really the goal of the Summer of Code.

-- Dr. Joel 17:22, 23 April 2008 (CDT)


TBD list of with open student projects. Include link to student Wiki page. Use the SOC Student Template as a starting point.

2008 SOC Proposals

This section contains a bit of information on each proposal submitted so far and is intended to help us assign mentors. No evaluations of proposals or details should be discussed here.

We have overlapping proposals in the following areas:

  • LWIP Port
  • Debian Packaging

I do not think that two students are proposing BSPs or simulator enhancements for the same configurations.

Title Student Summary Languages Location Possible Mentors
Update of the RTEMS port of lwIP and development of an adapter to existing BSD NIC drivers André Keller Abadie lwIP using existing drivers Portuguese/English Brazil TBD
Debian package for RTEMS Bimal Varghese TBD TBD TBD TBD
Eclipse based IDE for RTEMS Cao Dongpo eclipse based IDE for RTEMS Chinese/English China TBD
Implement POSIX FIFO/pipe, Asynchronous IO, and Fix dup/dup2 for RTEMS Wei Shen FIFO, AIO, VFS TBD
Write BSP for QEMU MIPS target Liu Feng QEMU MIPS BSP Chinese/English Shanghai,CN TBD
LWIP Customization and Nipoa: Tools To Improve RTEMS Embedded Networking R. D. Flowers LWIP as option, Nipoa (NIC porting assistant) !English Chattanooga,TN USA TBD
A Super Core Layer Level Abstraction for supporting 64-bit Timestamps Madhusudan.C.S 64-bit support for nanosecond timestamps English/Kannada B'lore,India Joel Sherrill
Use SkyEye to do code coverage profiling of RTEMS Please Update to Western Character Name TBD TBD TBD TBD
Bring virtualization into RTEMS Please Update to Western Character Name TBD TBD TBD TBD
TinyRTEMS Miao Yan Tiny RTEMS Chinese/English China TBD
Proposal for Runtime Tracing Reng Zeng (Alan) Tracing execution Chinese/English Miami,FL Chris Johns
RTEMS Tool Support on Debian Ryan James Harrison Debian packages/ liveCD English !Saskatchewan,Canada TBD
BSP for QEMU ARM PXA target Zhang, Rui BSP for QEMU ARM PXA Chinese/English China TBD