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    2525 *  05/02/2008 - Got basic idea of RTEMS knowledge by training.
    2626 *  05/09/2008 - Got code from Chris to extract function signature, look thru the code to be prepared for code change. Have a basic idea how Python works. Drafting high level design, to be available for review by next weekend.
     27 *  05/20/2008 - High Level Design is available for review.
     28 *  06/02/2008 - Follow up with "Bug 6483 objdump -g does not understand the debug info"
     29 *  06/03/2008 - Figure out the issue to compile my program, which kill lots of time over 1 week, summary is added to [wiki:TBR/UserManual/Quick_Start Quick Start].
     30 *  06/09/2008 - Have basics working for
     31  *  1. typedef will be generated if required to make wrap file self-contained, to avoid the scenario that the RTEMS header file included does not match with the type information in binary which may make debugging very difficult in field.
     32  *  2. real and wrap function prototype are generated.
     33  *  3. All arguments are printed both at the entry and exit of wrap function, the code to handle with pointer to structure is not in place yet.
     34  *  4. invocation of real function is in place, the '*' is removed from the pointer argument.
     35  *  5. if function return non void, return value of real one is also returned by wrap one.
     36 *  06/15/2008 - Fix bug in handling of anonymous renaming.
     37 *  06/23/2008 - There are many scenario to handle with for anonymous renaming, all fixed.
     38 *  06/25/2008 - Run QEMU in stdio successfuly to log output of program.
     39 *  06/25/2008 - Enhance the basics as following:
     40  *  1. extract function signature by objdump
     41  *  2. extract typedef and struct/union by objdump, anon rename job FINISHED, recursive anon is considered.
     42  *  3. log all arguments in both entry and exit, including recursive struct.
     43  *  4. The log function is simply to print to console, while it will soon be changed to transfer log to host.
     44  *  5. The isTriggered function simply return true now, while I plan to add trigger setting function in current capture engine, together with new isTriggered function. The isTriggered function will check whether the function is in the trigger list, like "filter rtems_semaphore_* from 32"
     45 *  07/02/2008 - Draft CLI in capture engine to integrate the tracing feature with Capture Engine.
     46 *  07/03/2008 - Upload code into Google Code site, and give a tarball to Chris for review.
     47 *  07/09/2008 - Draft the code to transfer log to host.
     48  *  the buffer is designed to be fixed to avoid memory overuse in case high traffic.
     49  *  In the meantime, specified numbers of task are designed to improve the throughput of logs to avoid log discard in case high traffic.
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