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SOC LwipNipoa

Project Description

This is a project to incorporate an option to use the lightweight ip stack (LWIP) into RTEMS, and also to write Nipoa, a NIC porting assistant.


Dr. Eric Norum


Relevant tools are being installed and learned about. These include installation of RTEMS itself, familiarization with qemu and/or updating my qemu version, possibly skyview, and other tools.

After completing this page ( for now ), the Google project must be started, and the rest of the startup instructions from Dr. Joel complied with.

I have, after a Pentium IV with only 384 of ram (rdram) didn't work out, successfully beefed up a Pentium III box, and have installed the new Fedora 9 on it, and checked out rtems and the rest via CVS. Now I'll do the rest of the startup tasks.

Project Schedule

Schedule for now:

  1. Finish the startup work by May 23
  2. Choose feasible subset of all possible RTEMS related learning curves after startup work.
  3. Begin detailed project plan and schedule by May 21.
  4. Complete detailed project plan and schedule as a key deliverable by end of the Community Bonding period.
  5. Ongoing: Get and stay in good touch with Mentor and Community.
  6. Ongoing: Improve and further develop this wiki page.

This is slower than my original plan. I failed to understand that I would have to have something much newer than my ancient but unbroken Fedora Core 4, for a host and dev machine.


NOTE: In order to receive payment, all student deliverables for Google Summer of Code must be uploaded to a Google Code project. Therefore I have set up a project at

Google Code Site: [URL HERE] TBD

Links to Source Code

  • TBD - list of URLs at Google Code

Student Information

I am R. D. Flowers, a non-traditional ( older ) undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Computer Science.

  • TBD - further Student Information.