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Google Code-In (GCI)

Welcome! If you're new and a student, we encourage you to try one of our beginner tasks first. The "Hello, World!" task is a great first task so that you can be prepared to try tackling tasks that involve using RTEMS. Through that task you will complete the Getting Started Guide for GSoC Students, which will also help you to find the mailing lists and IRC channel for more help. If you ever find yourself in need of assistance you can always reach out to gci AT rtems DOT org by email, and one of our mentors will respond as quickly as they can.

Background for GCI 2018

Google Code-In (GCI) is a contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to open source software development. GCI 2018 runs from October 23 to December 12. Students choose tasks they wish to work on from a range of categories. Upon successful completion of tasks, eligible students can earn prizes (digital certificates, t-shirts, hoodies) and grand prize winners will receive a trip to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California for themselves and a parent or legal guardian.

For Mentors

Mentoring for RTEMS is a rewarding experience. You get to meet and interact with young smart students who want to learn. Mentors do not need to be RTEMS developers, anyone from the community can mentor. Task planning is at GCI/TaskPlan. Please put ideas there. Also, ask to be added to the gci-mentors@ and gci@ mailing list if you are not already on it.

Instructions for Tasks

The following links are automatically generated to the pages that describe the tasks. Some tasks are unique, while others can be done multiple times by different students, and some can be done multiple times by the same student repeated on a different set of inputs.

Obsolete/Retired/Completed Tasks

The tasks below are for archival purposes.