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Google Code-In Task Planning

This page has ideas for more tasks we can create for Google Code-In.

If you have an idea for a task, add a stub below, and discuss with the other mentors. Eventually, these tasks should be integrated with and/or converted into a descriptive page that gets linked from our main GCI page using the GCI Task Template.

The categories are as follows:

  • Code: writing or refactoring code
  • Documentation and Training: creating/editing documents and helping others learn more
  • Outreach and Research: community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions
  • Quality Assurance: testing and ensuring code is of high quality
  • Design: user experience research or user interface design and interaction


  • Develop a POSIX Benchmark test based on what is still missing in the planning list (GCI 2013)
  • Write a new example-v2 program derived from other examples/tests to demonstrate some aspect of RTEMS.


  • Hello World Variations (Instructions at GCI/Coding/HelloWorld
    • (Repeatable) Hello World with Linux as Host OS. Student picks the distribution.
    • (Repeatable) Hello World with Windows Host OS
    • (Repeatable) Hello World with Host OS of Students Choice. Surprise us.
  • (Repeatable) Build rtems-libbsd network stack and make report.
  • (Repeatable) Build examples-v2 git repository and run two tests, make a report.
  • Convert wiki pages to RST to generate manuals
    • BSPs
    • Software Engineering / Contributors Handbook
  • Create a wiki page for Coverage analysis by collecting information from related wikis.
    • Once done, a task to convert that to Rst for the RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook.
  • (Repeatable) Post a YouTube video showing a successful run of the Hello World process. (Tutorials)


  • (Repeatable) Make an Introduction to RTEMS presentation.
  • (Repeatable) We have trouble knowing when a specific NASA or ESA mission using RTEMS launches or has interesting news. How could we know that? How could we get this information to the RTEMS Community? A few example missions are NASA Parker Solar Probe, NASA ICESAT-2, ESA ExoMars?, and ESA BepiColumbo?.
  • (~3-10 unique) Interview a previous RTEMS GSoC Student. Need to confirm availability of the GSoC alum.
  • (Repeatable) Write a tutorial for how to contribute to RTEMS.
  • (~30 unique) Updates Citations for recent years (2015, 2016, 2017). New component of this task is to add bibtex entries/links. Might be able to do bibtex links on prior years (GCI/Outreach/Citations).

Quality Assurance

  • (~35 unique) Fix 3 warnings in RTEMS. Generate 3 separate patches.
  • (~125 unique) Investigate a Coverity Scan CID and file or update a ticket accordingly.
  • Fix a warning in the examples-v2 source code.
  • (Repeatable) Run the RTEMS Test Suite using the RTEMS Tester on the sparc/leon3 BSP and report results.
  • (Repeatable) Run the RTEMS Test Suite using the RTEMS Tester on the powerpc/psim BSP and report results.
  • Compare Manuals with Wiki pages and identify/resolve differences.


  • (multiple times) Design a new organization logo. We could use a nice square logo.
  • Create a new set of templates for web pages to upgrade