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    10101: Coding. 2: Design. 3: Documentation & Training. 4: Quality Assurance. 5: Outreach & Research.
     12We have put our Beginner tasks at the start of the list of example tasks.
    1214== Sample of Tasks Prepared for GCI 2018 ==
    1921|| "Update Citations 2015-4" ||  "This task consists of updating the[RTEMS References Wiki page]( according to the instructions given in the [RTEMS GCI Wiki page]( for the year 2015 and page 4. You will need to request a user account on the wiki and be careful to avoid making updates that conflict or delete other relevant citations. You will upload a text file containing the entries that you added to the wiki page. We have constructed the [Google Scholar Search for this task] ( for your convenience." ||  1 ||  "" ||  wiki ||  true ||  "5" ||  4 ||  citations
    2022|| Design a square organization logo || Our current logo ( is an oval that embeds in a rectangular bounding box. We could use a nice square variant of our current logo of at least 300x300 px. Familiarity with a graphics design package like Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape, or Illustrator are useful for completing this task. Gimp and Inkscape are open source (and free). <p> You MUST have attention to detail to complete this task. Aliasing artifacts and fuzzy scaled images will not be acceptable.  This logo would be used for GCI and GSoC, and would also make a better logo for square presentations such as on GitHub. || 10 || "," || graphics,logo || true || 2 || 3 || logo
    2223|| Getting Started Redux: Hello World 2.0 || This task consists of performing the hello world task that Google Summer of Code students do, but either using a new host operating system or for a different RTEMS target besides sparc/erc32, and otherwise follow the same instructions as at This task can be performed multiple times by a single student, but each time must use a new host or target. || 20 || "," || C,programming || false || 1,3,4 || 3 || hello
    2324|| Resolve Wiki Page: TBR/Delete/NewlibMemoryAllocation || Our wiki includes a number of pages that have been labeled as "TBR" to be reviewed for several years, and some have been slated for deletion without certain evidence they should be removed. In this task, you will investigate the page located on  [the RTEMS Trac Wiki](  Follow the [directions for this task]( on our wiki.  The outcome of this task is a recommendation to relocate the page/contents or to delete it.  || 1 || "," || "wiki,research" || false || "2,3,4,5" || 3 || TBR