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Unit Test Names

Table of Contents

  1. Unit Test Names

This project about renaming the old names in the testsuite to new ones that are more descriptive.

To edit names see the google document below:

The tasks will contain the range number you need to edit for example lines 1-3.

As you can see for the example provided the old names were:

  • tar01
  • tar02
  • tar03

These names aren't useful as they do not say what the test is about. The new way we are doing it lets us have better names.

If you click on the URL for tar01 it takes you to the test directory that has a few files. The only files you will care about end in *.doc or *.c. Sometimes you can read the document to see what the test is about if it does not exist you must look at the C file.

tar01 tests the functions to load a Tar file From various areas.

tar02 is about Loading Tar files and tar03 is loading a Tar file as the root image of RTEMS.

Here are some simple rules to follow:

  • Do not make the names long.
  • We use MashedUpWords?, capitalised words with no spaces.
  • Do not worry too much about duplicate names for other tests.
  • If you are stuck ask in the task instance we will help you.