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Investigate a Ticket

Table of Contents

  1. Investigate a Ticket

Task Description

Directions for Students

Before taking and attempting this task, you should first complete a HelloWorld task.

You should have been given a ticket number for a specific ticket (bug) to investigate. If the bug has no existing test case then implement a new test case within an appropriate subdirectory of testsuites and submit the patches to the ticket on Trac. If the bug affects functionality that is already tested by an existing test case, then extend that test case to check for the conditions of the reported bug (if the test for the bug does not exist).

If the bug has already been fixed make a comment on the ticket to that effect.

If the bug has a fix you can implement, then write the fix and attach any patches to the ticket on RTEMS Trac.

If the bug is not fixed and is beyond your abilities, then write a brief report describing the bug behavior and possible fixes. Submit the report as a comment on the ticket.

Fill in an entry to the table below with the ticket you investigated, and any follow-up needed.

PRs Addressed in GCI2015

Student PR Remaining Actions for Mentors
Aun-Ali #1709 None, close PR
Aun-Ali #1778 Patch submitted, waiting for commit
Aun-Ali #2493 Apply patch
Aun-Ali #1405 Patch submitted, waiting for commit
Ralph #2352 Apply patch

Directions for Mentors

Check the ticket and table for the student's recommendations. If the ticket might be fixable by another student, create a task to fix it.

Sample PRs Addressed in GCI2013

Please make the PR number a clickable link by using #NNNN where NNNN is the ticket number.

Student PR Remaining Actions for Mentors
Daniel #1428 <s>Apply patch</s>
Daniel #2124 Issue identified, decide how to patch
|Daniel #1735 <s>None, close PR</s>
Chirayu #1548 Apply to 4.10 and 4.9