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Investigate a Ticket

Table of Contents

  1. Investigate a Ticket

Task Description

Directions for Students

Look through open tickets and investigate an open ticket to propose a way forward to close it. Add your findings to the table below.

PRs Addressed in GCI2015

Student PR Remaining Actions for Mentors

Directions for Mentors

See if the student's . If so, create a task to fix it (see below).

Sample PRs Addressed in GCI2013

Please make the PR number a clickable link by using #NNNN where NNNN is the ticket number.

Student PR Remaining Actions for Mentors
Daniel #1428 <s>Apply patch</s>
Daniel #2124 Issue identified, decide how to patch
|Daniel #1735 <s>None, close PR</s>
Chirayu #1548 Apply to 4.10 and 4.9