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Improve English

Table of Contents

  1. Improve English

Task Description

This task is repeatable and involves finding and fixing language problems in RTEMS code and supporting documents and web pages.

Directions for Students

Find and fix 5 spelling, grammar, or other English language errors in source comments within git://, docs produced from the rtems/doc directory within the RTEMS git repository, the web pages within, or this wiki. For fixes in the RTEMS git repository, submit a patch with the corrections. For the website, identify the page with the problem and its solution in the table below: only new problems count, so check this table before you submit a correction! For the wiki, make the fix directly yourself.

Your GCI nickname Web Page Problem
Karox ' Replace 4.11 with the proper version. Also for 4.11 and older, use the erc32 BSP. For 5.1 and newer, use the erc32 BSP. ' there is a missing comma between 'Also' and 'for'
Thegurshack 'This is by no means an all inclusive list and we are open to suggestions' 'all inclusive' should be 'all-inclusive'
Thegurshack 'You will be best served by using a GNU/Linux environment, which could be in a virtual machine for example' there is a missing comma between 'machine' and 'for'
Thegurshack 'The goal of this page is to help you get RTEMS compiled and running so you can start the real work.' The word 'with' should be added between 'start' and 'the'
Thegurshack 'Just because you downloaded RTEMS and used it in an application, doesn't mean we know anyhting about you, the application, or where it is in use' the word 'anything should be replaced with the word 'everything'
Thegurshack 'Avenger Forward Air Defense System' The word 'Defense' should be changed to Defence
ImNumberOne RTEMS is misspelled as RTMES in the title.
ornitokya 'This is done if you click on the New Ticket link above' A better sentence would be 'This would have already been filled if you clicked on the New Ticket link above.'
ornitokya 'In addition to helping me learn valuable porting skills, this project is on of the first steps towards adding needed modern protocols to RTEMS, so that RTEMS can use LDAP.' The part after the comma should be changed, 'this roject is one of the first...'
ornitokya 'Special models were produced during the development of CPUs, notably the ARM9E, ARM10 and ARM11, these models helped with architectural decisions such as Thumb-2 and TrustZone?.'the final part of this statement should be tweaked an example would be 'models helped with architectural decisions in Thumb-2 and TrustZone??.
ornitokya 'It should be based upon the templates in rtems-testing.' the word 'upon' should be changed to 'on'.
ornitokya 'The following is a link to the Comma Separated Value (e.g., .csv) file which is exported from the spreadsheet used to track the status of this effort.' the phrase 'the following' is incorrect and should be replaced with only 'following'.
ShyMel? 'We strive to provide regular, high quality releases, which we want to work well' the word high quality should have a hypen (high quality)
ShyMel? 'January 25, 2018 2018 RTEMS Classes' There are two 2018's
ShyMel? 'mailing list and to synchronize with github at ​' The first github should be capitalized (GitHub?).
ShyMel? In the API Layers Projects section of the table the owner's name Joel should be capitalized
ShyMel? 'USB stack - Ask about possible addition of other device types.' Should be rephrased to the possible addition of other device types.
ABR "Note, the following is for RTEMS 4.11, and assumes you have a valid sparc-rtems4.11-toolchain in your PATH." there should be no comma after 4.11. The irrelevant comas give an unneeded pause and disrupt user flow while reading.
Ludicrous 'Commercial support is available from US and European companies' 'From US' should be changed to 'from the US'.
Ludicrous '04/05/2017; High Performance RTEMS SMP Presentation at DASIA2017' 'High Performance' should have a hyphen in it.
Ludicrous 'you need to build a cross-compiler tool set and RTEMS.' 'tool set' should be a single word (toolset).
Ludicrous 'requires graphic to be displayed on website hosted' 'graphic' should be changed to 'graphics'.
Ludicrous 'requires graphic to be displayed on website hosted' 'on website hosted' should be rephrased to 'on the website hosted'.

Directions for Mentors

Verify the corrections. For patches, forward to the devel mailing list.