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    2020|| ornitokya || || 'The following is a link to the Comma Separated Value (e.g., .csv) file which is exported from the spreadsheet used to track the status of this effort.' the phrase 'the following' is incorrect and should be replaced with only 'following'.
    2121|| ShyMel || || 'We strive to provide regular, high quality releases, which we want to work well' the word high quality should have a hypen (high quality)
    22 || ShyMel || || 'April 05, 2017 High Performance RTEMS SMP Presentation at DASIA2017' the word High Performance should have a hypen (High-Performance)
    23 || ShyMel || || 'June 19, 2018 RTEMS Training in October 2018' The first 2018 should have a comma after it.
    2422|| ShyMel || || 'January 25, 2018 2018 RTEMS Classes' There are two 2018's
    25 || ShyMel || || 'August 31, 2017 RTEMS Open Training Class' 2017 should have a comma after it.
     23|| ShyMel || || 'mailing list and to synchronize with github at ​' The first github should be capitalized (GitHub).
     24|| ShyMel || || In the API Layers Projects section of the table the owner's name Joel should be capitalized
     25|| ShyMel || || 'USB stack - Ask about possible addition of other device types.' Should be rephrased to the possible addition of other device types.
    2626|| ABR || || "Note, the following is for RTEMS 4.11, and assumes you have a valid sparc-rtems4.11-toolchain in your PATH." there should be no comma after 4.11. The irrelevant comas give an unneeded pause and disrupt user flow while reading.