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    1515|| !ImNumberOne || || RTEMS is misspelled as RTMES in the title.
    1616|| ornitokya || || 'This is done if you click on the New Ticket link above' A better sentence would be 'This would have already been filled if you clicked on the New Ticket link above.'
    17 || ornitokya || || 'Some projects have been proposed that are viewed as being of minor use.' A better sentence would be 'Some projects have been proposed as being of minor use'
     17|| ornitokya || || 'In addition to helping me learn valuable porting skills, this project is on of the first steps towards adding needed modern protocols to RTEMS, so that RTEMS can use LDAP.' The part after the comma should be changed, 'this roject is one of the first...'
    1818|| ornitokya || || 'Special models were produced during the development of CPUs, notably the ARM9E, ARM10 and ARM11, these models helped with architectural decisions such as Thumb-2 and TrustZone.'the final part of this statement should be tweaked an example would be 'models helped with architectural decisions in Thumb-2 and TrustZone?.
    1919|| ornitokya || || 'It should be based upon the templates in rtems-testing.' the word 'upon' should be changed to 'on'.