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Resolve TBR Pages

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This set of tasks may be instantiated many times until we resolve all of the TBR pages in our wiki. These pages have been slated as "to be removed" for over a year now, and the confusion that users face when they see this acronym causes problems. Resolving the status of these pages will help to improve the user experience when browsing the wiki.

WARNING: Only a subset of people on the RTEMS Project have permission to delete a page. This is because a vandalous edit or addition can be reverted but deleting a page is permanent and irreversible. If you and the GCI mentor(s) decide a page should really be deleted, contact Gedare Bloom (US), Joel Sherrill (US), Chris Johns (AU), or Amar Takhar (CA) to perform the deletion. Country noted to give a hint of when each might be available. Try to ask on IRC first. Usually one is around.

Task Description

These tasks ask students to investigate pages in TBR, especially the Delete and Review categories.

Directions for Students

For the page assigned, suggest what should be done with that page. For example, perhaps the content is irrelevant and the page can be deleted, or maybe it is redundant and should be merged with another page, or maybe the page belongs in another category somewhere else in the Wiki. Write the summary of your recommendation in the table below in terms of the action that should be taken for the particular page. Justify your recommendation with sufficient details in your submission to GCI.


Student Wiki Page Summary of Action

Directions for Mentors

Read the recommendations, add your own comments if you like. Ask for more details or justification if the decision is not clearly warranted. Create a new task to implement the recommendation if sensible.