Investigate a Middleware Framework

Task Description

RTEMS is an integral component of some embedded systems middleware frameworks. In particular, we know about Orocos, CFS, and EPICS. This task involves finding directions for how to use such a middleware framework with RTEMS, and to create a wiki page in the RTEMS Trac Wiki that explains your findings. We are interested in understanding how active is the community around these frameworks, and how hard do they look like to use.

Directions for Students

Read through the documentation and search the web for RTEMS information related to the particular framework for the task you chose. Ask questions on mailing lists and try to find out at least how to:

  1. Compile the framework with RTEMS.
  2. Use the framework for a demo.
  3. Whether any easy-to-use demo or tests exist for the framework.

Then create a wiki page and link to it from below. Write your findings in the wiki page.

Link to Wiki Page

Directions for Mentors

Cross-check all links and cited resources. Check the produced Wiki page for accuracy of content.

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