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Update References to RTEMS

Task Description

This task consists of updating the RTEMS References Wiki page for a specific year and page.

Directions for Students

The material should contain some useful discussion about "RTEMS" i.e. applications, internals, etc. Not just a reference in passing like "RTOS like RTEMS or VxWorks?."

You will need to request a user account on the wiki and be careful to avoid making updates that conflict or delete other relevant citations.

You will upload a text file containing the entries that you added to the wiki page.

For each entry that you add, if a public PDF of the paper is available, add a link to the PDF, and if a public bibtex file is available for the paper, add a link to the bibtex file.

Directions for Mentors

Mentors should cross-check the entries in the wiki, with the text submission, with the link to the Google scholar search for that task.

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