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Coverage Analysis Wiki

Task Description

This task is to Create a wiki page for RTEMS Coverage analysis using the pieces of information from other wiki pages related to Coverage. The end product will be a txt file with all the information arranged in proper formatting.

Directions for Students

  • Refer to a wiki page like ( This page ), Go to the bottom of the page to Download in plain text format, this will give a clear idea about the formatting of the file.
  • Write a new wiki page that assembles Coverage related pages from other parts of the wiki.
  • Create the new wiki page at GCI/Documentation/CoverageAnalysis/Coverage

Writing the wiki

This section contains the link and the order they would be organized.

  • This link Has instruction on how to generate the reports write it using proper subheading and descriptive language ( The codes should be properly formatted, notice how it's done in the linked page).
  • Some pictures and description of the reports can be found here and here. Put them together with a proper description.
  • Search the wiki for more information on coverage, create a separate section and add links to these wiki pages.

Directions for Mentors

Mentors should check that the language used is clear and understandable, the formatting is right and the links are working.