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Build RTEMS Documentation

The RTEMS Documentation Suite viewable at is built using the Sphinx toolset which supports the reStructuredText mark up format. The source for the RTEMS Documentation is maintained in git just like the RTEMS Source Code.

Task Description

Download the source code for the RTEMS documentation by using git clone as follows:

git clone git://

Follow the instructions in the file README.txt in the top of the rtems-docs source tree. It provides guidance on installing the needed tools on various host operating systems. It does not include guidance for as many hosts as the instructions for building RTEMS do. A critical part of this task is helping the RTEMS Project improve these instructions.

Another purpose of this task is to enable you to be able to modify the documentation in subsequent tasks and submit changes. The GCI/Coding/HelloWorld task includes guidance on using git that will be helpful here.

Edit a page in the Users Guide and produce a PDF file of that document. Submit that PDF along with a patch as proof.

Remember that an important part of this task is making the process of building the documentation easier for the next person. Suggest improvements to the README.txt, give us information on host operating systems that are not included, etc..


Student Nickname Host OS Feedback

Directions for Mentors

Verify the patch, screenshot, and read the feedback above.

Please file tickets when a host's instructions need updating for packages.