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    2626|| Evan M. || Ubuntu || sparc-rtems4.11 || I found the directions straightforward, although I do admit I had some trouble from time to time. It also seemed like several pages contradicted each other, but that might have been on my side due to my lack of experience.
    2727|| Kkvazar Q. || Fedora 20 || sparc-rtems4.11 || I wasn't able to finish the task, because I got lost in the documentation, the pages weren't well related and were contradicting. Some useful pages weren't easy to find such as the git README. I expected sb-check to tell me about missing devel libs, but it didn't. 'bootstrap' was hard to find and it failed on missing files. Most of the questions I had were asked online, but weren't answered.
     28|| Ralph H. || Linux Mint 17.1 || sparc-rtems4.11 || Instructions were very clear and simple to follow, albeit spread over several pages. Compiling RBS was simple, with the error messages clear (I only had to install CSV). Finding information was easy, and compilation was successful first time (with slight modifications to certain paths to match my projects directory path). I should probably note that I likely had most of the dependencies for compiling RBS, etc. already as I had previously manually built a cross-targeted GCC (and so I was already aware of such things as adding targeting executables to the path, as well as using git relatively proficiently, thus I did not need to locate information on such topics). The source tree of RTEMS is simple to navigate, and there were no issues with rebuilding and debugging/running a modified executable.