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    4242|| zehata || Ubuntu 18.04.1 || sparc-rtems5 || While the process is relatively straightforward, there are a few changes that should be made to complete the task successfully. For example, instructions on had linked to the Windows-specific guide. Between the 2 code blocks, it was stated that "Build the RTEMS Kernel (Chapter 7 Section 3.2.2 - Building the Kernel) by cloning the repository, running the bootstrap procecure, building and finally installing the kernel:", but is for Windows Hosts only, so I met with some roadblocks when trying to run the code.
    4343|| Himanshu || Fedora 28 || sparc-rtems5 || The steps for installation and setting up host operating system was very well compiled. Only problem that I faced which is not a big deal during starting of the compilation like changing path from chris user to $HOME which is mentioned in the [] . And everything was fine and program run successfully. Problem arises when I visited old sites for compiling rtems and after on-wards I followed the updated guide which leads me to successful compilation of the program. I think old sites should be either updated or merged. Actually saying a simple step-by-step explanation should be there and then put some extra links for more specific things
     44|| Chromico || Lubuntu 18.10 || sparc-rtems5 || At first it was a bit confusing but if you read the documentation, do some research online and ask your mentors for help then you might be able to do it. It takes a lot of patience to get it right and you need to have some experience in using Linux if your planning to use Linux for this but if you don't then its gonna take longer to complete task. The documentation needs a bit more updates and guides on how to fix errors as I had encountered a lot of them when doing this. I will try to make a blog on how to do this when I get the time.
    4545== Directions for Mentors ==
    4646Verify the patch, screenshot, and read the feedback above.