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    3232|| OP. || Ubuntu and OS X || sparc-rtems4.11 || When I built RTEMS the first time on Ubuntu, I thought the instructions were relatively clear, but at sometimes seemed vague to me. I had a few errors when trying to build the tool set with RSB, so I had to dig around in the log files multiple times. When I built RTEMS on OS X, it didn't take long and I found it much easier than doing it on Ubuntu, probably because I already had experience. I was able to get it working the first time.
    3333|| Sal || Fedora 28 || sparc-rtems5 || I think that the instructions are well explained but in the wiki, you have to jump from page to page to find everything and there are some things that seem outdated. I think that it would be better to have a unified page with a simple step-by-step explanation of the installation process and then put links for more specific things.
     34|| embeddedt || Ubuntu 16.04 || sparc-rtems5 || Once I found the necessary commands to invoke, the RTEMS Source Builder behaved as it was supposed to. However, I ended up having to search for several documentation pages because they were either missing or difficult to find. I think that a new document should be made that contains either the whole set of steps to follow or all the links we need.
    3536== Directions for Mentors ==