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RTEMS Workout at FOSS.IN


Aanjhan Ranganathan and Santosh G. Vattam.

Aanjhan Ranganathan is a Masters Student at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne(EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland. He worked on RTEMS as part of Google Summer of Code 2009. His project was MMU Support for RTEMS. He has been a part of FOSS.IN since 2005 and presented a talk at FOSS.IN last year as well.

Santosh G. Vattam who worked as part of Google Summer of Code 2009. His project was Coverage Analysis for RTEMS.




Languages, tools to be known

Getting and compiling the code

Links to overall design/architecture

Pre-event planning

Can document this here and/or add some links to Bugzilla, ML threads, other wiki pages


  • Improving code coverage on sparc BSPs with libcsupport included.
  • Some basic UI stuff - E.g.: Some improvements to Roxana's work.
  • Clean ups and documentation.
  • Maybe writing a device driver.
  • Writing a UI in python for Coverage analysis.

Existing work

= Getting in touch =

Links to ML, IRC, people to contact

= Participants =

  • Santosh Vattam [Coverage Guru]
  • Aanjhan Ranganathan
  • Madhusudhan C S [Python Consultant]
  • [add your name here]