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RTEMS Workout at FOSS.IN

This is the standard workout proposal template provided by the FOSS.IN team.


Aanjhan Ranganathan and Santosh G. Vattam.

Aanjhan Ranganathan is a Masters Student at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne(EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland. He worked on RTEMS as part of Google Summer of Code 2009. His project was MMU Support for RTEMS and he was mentored by Thomas Doerfler. He has been a part of FOSS.IN since 2005 and presented a talk at FOSS.IN last year as well.

Santosh G. Vattam worked on RTEMS Testing as part of Google Summer of Code 2009. His project was Coverage Analysis for RTEMS and he was mentored by Joel Sherrill. He has been a part of FOSS.IN since 2008.


# To improve code coverage of the RTEMS Executive by adding tests to the testsuite - to be performed on BSPs for which the results can be obtained locally with a FOSS simulator. Also, this is an area where people can work concurrently without conflicts. # Clean ups and documentation - A lot of code has been added recently to the RTEMS code base from the 7 GSoC projects which require documentation. Also RTEMS 4.10 is up for release and we need all the code review and clean up that we can get. # Writing a user interface for Coverage analysis that shall provide an interface where specific tests can be run and the generated reports can be viewed.



Languages, tools to be known

Getting and compiling the code

Links to overall design/architecture

Pre-event planning

Can document this here and/or add some links to Bugzilla, ML threads, other wiki pages


  • Improving code coverage on sparc BSPs with libcsupport included.
  • Some basic UI stuff - E.g.: Some improvements to Roxana's work.
  • Clean ups and documentation.
  • Maybe writing a device driver.
  • Writing a UI in python for Coverage analysis.

Existing work

Getting in touch

  • RTEMS Users Mailing list
  • Internet Relay Chat #rtems @
  • Individual for FOSS.IN Workout aanjhan at gmail dot com and vattam dot santosh at @ gmail dot com


  • Aanjhan Ranganathan [MMU/BSP/Device driver expert]
  • Madhusudhan C S [Python Consultant]
  • Santosh Vattam [Point of contact for Coverage Analysis]
  • [add your name here]