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RTEMS Discord

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RTEMS Discord is available for real-time chat. To join click on

See the Discord web site for details on connecting, selecting a nickname, and general usage tips. If you are new to Discord it is recommended spending a little having a look.


These are the current channels.


This is a general channel for all things RTEMS. You can just hang out with other RTEMS users and developers to talk about RTEMS, using RTEMS or to make contact with other RTEMS users.


This channel is for GSoC related questions. If you are a new user looking to join GSoC and wanting to find out how to get started. It is also for GSoC meetings that held during GSoC. If you GSoC project has a specific technical channel technical questions can be asked there.


This channel is for networking. It covers any of the stacks RTEMS support, networking drivers, BSP networking configurations, how to set up networking and using the networking interfaces.


This channel is for the RTEMS Source Builder. Using it, bugs, problems and feature requests.