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    3535VirtualBox installations can become quite tricky because a kernel module needs to be installed, so please refer to the VirtualBox [ documentation] if you have any problem.
     36= Get opentftp =
     39Opentftp is a tftp(Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server that will enable us to boot a file from the host computer(the RTEMS application) on the virtual machine.
     41You can get opentftp from [ here]. The opentftp server comes already compiled, so you only need to run it. The README explains various options for the server, including how to run it as a linux service.
     43We need to change the directory that is mapped in the server to the directory where our rtems applications is( In my case /home/cdcs/testbed-build/). You can do this be opening the opentftp.ini file that stores the server options. In this file find the "[HOME]" marker and place there the path to your application. This is how my file looked:
     47#You should specify home directory(s) here
     48#The home directory can be specified
     49#in two different ways, with alias or
     50#bare names without aliases. Using alias you
     51#can specify upto 8 directories like
     53#without aliases, only one directory can
     54#be specified, which will become root
     55#directory for tftp.
     56#mixup of bare names and aliases not allowed
     57#default will be home directory of user
     61This option will map the root of the server to "/home/cdcs/testbed-build/". This means that
     62when you access "tftp://" you are accessing "/home/cdcs/testbed-build/test.exe". You can also specify up to 8 aliases, eg: "myhome=/home/cdcs" will map "tftp://" to "/home/cdcs/test.exe".
     64You also need to change the "username=" option in "[TFTP-OPTIONS]" to your username. eg:"username=cdcs"
     66Once you have made these changes you are ready to run the server:
     69./opentftp -v -i opentftp.ini
     72For me this command produces the following output:
     75[root@cdcs opentftp]# ./opentftpd -v -i opentftpd.ini
     76TFTP Server MultiThreaded Version 1.62 Unix Built 1621
     78starting TFTP...
     79username: cdcs
     80alias / is mapped to /home/cdcs/testbed-build/
     81permitted clients: all
     82server port range: all
     83max blksize: 65464
     84default blksize: 512
     85default timeout: 3
     86file read allowed: Yes
     87file create allowed: No
     88file overwrite allowed: No
     89thread pool size: 1
     90listening on: