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RTEMS Tools Project

The RTEMS Tools Project is a collection of host based tools that support the RTEMS Project. RTEMS is an embedded operating system and development occurs on a range of different host computers. The RTEMS Tools Project collects a number of the host tools into a single package.

The tools provided are:

The RTEMS Tools Project contains a number of tool patches for external tools used by the RTEMS projects.


The RTEMS Tools repository is located at


The RTEMS Tools uses the waf build system. First you configure with:

$ waf configure --prefix=/opt/rtems/4.11

Then build using:

$ waf

Finally to install:

$ waf install

RTEMS Tool Kit

The RTEMS Tools Project contains tools written in C++ and Python. The toolkit provides a framework to manage things like ELF files and symbols. The Python code provides classes that allows RTEMS to build quality tools simply.