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RTEMS Test Suites

All RTEMS source distributions include the complete RTEMS test suites. These tests must be compiled and linked for a specific BSP. Some BSPs are for freely available simulators and thus anyone may test RTEMS on a simulator. Most of the BSPs which can execute on a simulator incldue scripts to help automate running them.

The RTEMS Project welcomes additions to the various test suites and sample application collections.

The following functional test suites are included with RTEMS.

  • Classic API Single Processor Test Suite
  • POSIX API Test Suite
  • ITRON API Test Suite
  • Support Library Test Suite (libtests)
  • Multiprocessing Test Suite
  • Classic API Ada95 Binding Test Suite

The following timing test suites are included with RTEMS.

  • Classic API Timing Test Suite
  • ITRON API Timing Test Suite

The RTEMS source distribution includes three collections of sample applications.

  • Sample Applications (built as RTEMS tests)
  • Example Applications (built as RTEMS user applications)
  • Network Demonstration Applications