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    1717 *  Flesh out our POSIX API User's Guide
    1818  *  RTEMS supports the POSIX 1003 standard following the "single process, multi-threaded" profile.  We have permission from The Open Group and IEEE to excerpt text from their standards (available online) for use in this manual if cited.  This manual is in the doc/posix_users directory in the source tree and by looking at it, I am sure you can find something that needs to be written.  The corresponding code is in cpukit/posix or cpukit/libcsupport.
     20 *  Add example uses of each Manager to User's Guide.  The C User's manual for the Classic API currently does not include example uses.  One part of this is letting readers know that counting semaphores may be used to manage a pool of resources and binary may be used for mutual exclusion or condition synchronization.  But the other part is moving it beyond the theoretical to show code and give examples of how this might be used in a real application.  For example, condition synchronization with binary semaphore to announce that an interrupt occurred to a waiting task.
     22 *  Verify that every directive manual page indicates whether it can or cannot cause the current thread to be rescheduled.
    1923= Modest Coding Required =