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    33[[TOC(Developer/Release, depth=4)]]
    5 This page details the various stages, processes and procedures required to create a release of RTEMS.
     5This page details the various stages, processes and procedures required to create a release of '''RTEMS'''. '''RTEMS''' is the RTEMS Realtime kernel, tools, tests and documentation.
    77The RTEMS Project is a volunteer effort and only maintains the current and one previous release. Users wishing to have older releases maintained should enquire about commercial support offerings. The RTEMS Project attempts to provide access to previous releases.
    1818||= `RELEASE-ARCHIVED` =|| The release branch is archived. No further changes are made to the branch. ||
    20 A release is made when the repository contents are configured and packaged and made available as file.
     20 * The master branch stage changes are announced on the [] mailing list. The decision to change is made by agreement of the core developers.
     21 * Features for a master branch should be listed as an open project or part of ticket.
     22 * A release is the creation of any generated files and packaging of the source in a repository making the package available as a file.
     23 * Only the current and previous release branches are active and all other release branches are archived.
     24 * A release branch is a ''git branch'' pushed to the repositories.
     25 * A release is a ''git tag'' on a release branch with the tags pushed to the repositories.
    22 Only the current and previous release branches are and active and all other release branches are archived.
     27= RTEMS Release Repositories =
     29The following repositories are part of an '''RTEMS''' release:
     311. RTEMS ([ git://])
     321. RTEMS Source Builder ([ git://])
     331. RTEMS Tools ([ git://])
     35 * The release branches and tags must be consistent across these repositories.
     37= RTEMS Release Numbering and Naming =
     39The RTEMS Release Number and Naming relates to all repositories and packages released. The version number has three (3) numbers and the numbers are `major.minor.release`.
     41 Major:: The ''major'' version number defines the ''release series''. A ''release series'' up to RTEMS 4 has traditionally reflected changes in the user ''Application Programming Interface'' (API) and has been slow moving. RTEMS Series 5 and higher uses the ''major'' number to better reflect major feature changes in '''RTEMS'''. '''RTEMS''' has shifted to support standards base interfaces for users and this means user API are stable and not changing.
     43 Minor:: The ''minor'' version number changes for release branch created.
     45 Release:: The ''release'' version number change for release branch release created on a release branch after the branch has been created.
     47== RTEMS Branch Labels ==
     49The '''RTEMS''' release branches are labelled with a prefix of `RTEMS_` followed by the major release number and minor release delimited with an underscore (`_`) and postfixed with `_BRANCH`. For example the release branch label for RTEMS 4.11 is `RTEMS_4_11_BRANCH`.
     51A development release is any code taken from the master branch of a repository.
     53== RTEMS Release 4 Series Numbering ==
     55Release numbering for the Series 4 releases use the minor release dot number of ''.99'' for development releases. For example the development release numbering for RTEMS 4.11 is ''4.11.99''. This allows testing of any version number related code, processes and procedures to happen with correct minor version number.
     57The release procedure requires the release's minor dot number to be set '0' before the release branch is created and it is used for the first branch release. Further branch releases increment the minor release number when a branch release is made.
     59== RTEMS Release 5 Series And Higher Numbering ==
     61Release numbering for Series 5 and higher releases use even minor release numbers as development release and odd minor release number for releases. For example RTEMS 5.0 is a development release, that is any code taken from the master branch, and RTEMS 5.1 is an actual '''RTEMS''' release. The minor release dot number stays at ''0'' for all development releases.
     63The release procedure requires the release's minor number is incremented to the next odd number then the release branch is created. The release minor dot number is incremented when a new release branch release is made.
    2468= Source Checklist =