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Release stages.


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    11= Release Procedures =
    3 [[TOC(Developer/Release, depth=2)]]
     3[[TOC(Developer/Release, depth=4)]]
    5 This page details steps that need to be taken in order to cut a release of RTEMS.
     5This page details the various stages, processes and procedures required to create a release of RTEMS.
     7The RTEMS Project is a volunteer effort and only maintains the current and one previous release. Users wishing to have older releases maintained should enquire about commercial support offerings. The RTEMS Project attempts to provide access to previous releases.
     9= Release Stages =
     11The source code in the various git repositories and in one of the following stages as a release is created:
     13||= '''Stage''' =||= '''Description''' =||
     14||= `MASTER-OPEN` =|| The master branch in all repositories is open and new features and potentially unstable changes can be committed. Users should expect unstable behaviour. ||
     15||= `MASTER-SLUSHY` =|| The repositories are closed to new features. Features existing in the master branch can be completed. Users should expect unstable behaviour. ||
     16||= `MASTER-FROZEN` =|| The repositories are closed to all changes except bug fixes. ||
     17||= `RELEASE-BRANCH` =|| A release branch is made in each repository once all the repositories pass the required release test requirements. The master branch returns to the `MASTER-OPEN` stage. Only bug fixes can be added to release branches. A release branch is tagged with each release as it is created. The release branch remains open until it is archived. ||
     18||= `RELEASE-ARCHIVED` =|| The release branch is archived. No further changes are made to the branch. ||
     20A release is made when the repository contents are configured and packaged and made available as file.
     22Only the current and previous release branches are and active and all other release branches are archived.
    824= Source Checklist =
    1126The items in these lists are in no particular order and subject to discussion, additions, and deletions.