RTEMS Release Procedure

There are two primary types of releases. Those which are the first on a branch and those which are minor releases on a branch.

First Release On a Branch

There are no diff files, PRs closed, etc. Follow the master list.

Subsequent Releases on a Branch

Follow the master list and add

  • If the release is the second or following on a branch, you will need to address the diff files with previous releases on this branch:
    • copy old PRs-Closed files
    • copy old src diffs
    • copy old ChangeLog? diffs
    • generate new src diff
    • generate new Changelog diff
    • generate new PRs-Closed file

All releases

  • Update copyright on documentation
  • Check version numbers/dates in documentation
  • rtems-4.x.y.tar.bz2
  • Build all BSPs and capture the ticker-executables
  • Copy TOOL_VERSIONS from rtems tarball to release directory
  • rtemsdocs-4.9.5.tar.bz2
  • rtems-addon-packages-4.x.y.tar.bz2
  • Application Example packages
  • network-demos-4.x.y.tar.bz2
  • ada-examples-4.x.y.tar.bz2
    • If 4.9 or older, then
      • class-examples-4.x.y.tar.bz2
      • examples-4.x.y.tar.bz2
    • If 4.10 or newer, then
      • examples-v2-4.x.y.tar.bz2
  • On the web site
    • Unarchive for online docs
    • Update documentation page
    • Update Wiki page for branch's release notes
  • Make email announcement
  • Update
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