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    234234  __attribute__((used)) \
    235235  = &rtems_sysinit_ ## handler;
     237; The method of referencing the sysinit_core struct
     239The implement of referencing the sequenced initialization struct. In the every C source code file include initialization function we define a sequencedinitialization struct which contain the init function entry. And then a reference function point will be defined in the another file include a function which will be called if this object is used by application. For example
     240,consider the RTEMS Message API. In the RTEMS Message API's initialization call's source file we create a structure rtems_sysinitinclude the field of the RTEMS Message API's initialization call entry. Then we reference this variable from the source file containing the rtems_message_queue_create code. Because theapplication must make a call to rtems_message_queue_create or all the other Message API calls will fail therefore this API needs only one reference from a single source file. But there is alsoa exception that if the application use RTEMS Event and RTEMS Signal API there is no similar call like rtems_message_queue_creat which the application must call or it will fail. So we must consider another method to solve this problem. Now we donot have a better way to fix it.