Rump Kernels

Table of Contents

  1. Rump Kernels

Mentors: Gedare Bloom, Joel Sherrill


Status: Obsolete

Introduction: Rump Kernels are portable subsystems extracted from the NetBSD kernel that can be reused in other systems. Instead of this project, we prefer to focus on improvements to the libbsd.

Goal: The aim of this project is to implement the hypercalls needed for Rump Kernels to work, and to test one or more Rump Kernels running in RTEMS.


  • Advanced programming language skills preferably with C experience
  • Solid grasp of OS concepts (e.g. undergraduate education on OS principles)
  • Proven capability to work with RTEMS.
  • Bonus for experience with *nix kernel development.

Resources: Rump Kernels website

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