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Rock on RTEMS

Table of Contents

  1. Rock on RTEMS

Mentors: Gedare Bloom,Joel Sherill,Thomas Roehr

Student:Sambeet Panigrahi

Status: See: Blog on porting Rock to RTEMS

Introduction: Rock is a robotics framework that can run on top of RTEMS. This project will improve the existing port by making the RTEMS Source Builder to be able to build the port.From the rock side Autoproj would be able to build the port.Further useful Rock librarie and tutorials would be added to RTEMS.

Goal: To pick up from the work after GsoC-2016 and make useful port of Rock on RTEMS to be used by both communities Rock and RTEMS.

Requirements: Programming Languages:C,C++,Ruby,Areas of RTEMS used:RTEMS Source Builder,CORBA Port on RTEMS, Other Relevant skills:Cross-development, GNU/Linux Development,Knowledge of Build Systems(Waf,cmake,GNU Autotools)

Resources: The pages mentioned in the blog post above

Acknowledgements Gedare Bloom, Joel Sherill, Martin Zenzes(Rock community), Thomas Roehr(Rock community), Sylvain Joyeux(Rock community).