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    33332. Implement SD Card file system support ( using SPI )
    34343. Implement Model identification detection and reporting
     35   - This requires support for the mailbox interface used for graphics. Also the memory size can be dynamically determined this way. In addition to spots where this can make the BSP code more flexible, a method should be provided to the user to get the Pi version.
    35364. Extra: Implement DMA support for I2C and SPI
    36375. Extra: Implement support for second SPI device on A+/B+/Pi 2
     38   - If the second SPI device is a second instance of the first device, then support for both should be done in step 1.
    3840=== Project Group 2 - USB Support ===
    42444. Extra: Implement USB on multiple Pi models
    43455. Extra: Implement USB storage device support
     47NOTE: A general issue with this task is the order in which to tackle the various USB device types. Removable USB storage works for at least some type(s) of media. This may make it appropriate to do earlier. This order and test procedures will need to be worked out with RTEMS developers on the mailing list. It should be assumed that the work plan for bringing up USB on a target board is the same for all boards and this information added to the BSP development manual.
    4549=== Project Group 3 - Raspberry Pi 2 Support ===
    5256=== Project Group 4 - Raspberry Pi Graphics support ===
    53571. Implement mailbox interface for graphics/framebuffer
     58   - Also used for board version identification
    54592. Implement RTEMS framebuffer device support
    55603. Implement RTEMS framebuffer/graphics based console (output)
    57625. Extra: Determine how to manage Kernel/GPU memory split options
    58636. Extra: Coordinate with USB project group to integrate USB input with HDMI console/shell
     65Migrating the components of the RTEMS Graphics Toolkit to the RSB is desirable as part of this project.