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     28==RTEMS GSOC 2015 Raspberry Pi Ideas==
     29Due to the plethora of interested students this year, we have created a few groups of project ideas. Students should focus on one project group, and more than one student may propose a project in the same group. There are plenty of *extra* tasks that we can create unique projects for all the students.
     31===Project Group 1 - Low Level Peripherals and SD Card===
     321. Complete SPI, GPIO, I2C integration
     332. Implement SD Card file system support ( using SPI )
     343. Implement Model identification detection and reporting
     354. Extra: Implement DMA support for I2C and SPI
     365. Extra: Implement support for second SPI device on A+/B+/Pi 2
     38===Project Group 2 - USB Support===
     391. Implement USB device support using libBSD
     402. Implement basic HID device support ( keyboard/mouse )
     413. Implement USB Ethernet Device support
     424. Extra: Implement USB on multiple Pi models
     435. Extra: Implement USB storage device support
     45===Project Group 3 - Raspberry Pi 2 Support===
     461. Implement correct arm architecture support (v7)
     472. Implement correct cache configuration
     483. Enable and test SMP configuration
     494. Extra: Integrate/Test Low Level Peripheral Code
     505. Extra: Integrate/Test USB Code
     52===Project Group 4 - Raspberry Pi Graphics support===
     531. Implement mailbox interface for graphics/framebuffer
     542. Implement RTEMS framebuffer device support
     553. Implement RTEMS framebuffer/graphics based console (output)
     564. Integrate RTEMS graphics library with RTEMS Source Builder with RPi example
     575. Extra: Determine how to manage Kernel/GPU memory split options
     586. Extra: Coordinate with USB project group to integrate USB input with HDMI console/shell
    2861'''Goal:''' Concise statement of the overall goal of the project. Refine this initial statement to include: project deliverables (code, docs, testing), required/suggested methodology, standards of quality, possible goal extensions beyond the main objective.