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GCov Reports

Mentors: Joel Sherrill

Students: Past, Present, and Potential Students

Status: Uninitiated.

Introduction: Use gcov output as generated by covoar to generate useful reports. This leverages work by support for gcov output to so tools like gcov and lcov can be used to generate standard coverage reports for RTEMS (another page here) This type of reporting is important for safety certification reviews.

Goal: Concise statement of the overall goal of the project. Refine this initial statement to include: project deliverables (code, docs, testing), required/suggested methodology, standards of quality, possible goal extensions beyond the main objective.

Requirements: List the requirements and level of expertise you estimate are required by the developer tackling this project will have to have: Required level of programming language(s), specific areas of RTEMS or tools, level of familiarity with RTEMS, cross-development, GNU/Linux, etx., development/documentation/testing tools, mathematical/algorithmic background, other desirable skills.

Resources: Current RTEMS developers, papers, etc that may help you in this project.


  • who helped and did work

Miscellaneous Sections

As the project progresses, you will need to add build instructions, etc and this page will evolve from a project description into a HOWTO.


  • TBD

Other sections: If you have more to say about the project that doesn't fit in the proposed sections of this template, feel free to add other sections at will.

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