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Configuration GUI

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Mentors: Amar Takhar


Status: Started - I hack on this one in a while, still a lot to be done.

Introduction: This project involves creating a cross-platform GUI to configure a BSP for user building. This will use RTEMS Config as it's base which holds all configuration information for RTEMS. There may be more information over at waf/GUI.

Goal: The end result of this project will be a bounds-checked input system. RTEMS supports lists of values, integers, strings which only have set values. The GUI should limit to these values only. There should be a comprehensive help system which utilises the already documented variable lists.

Requirements: Anyone tacking this project must have strong Python capabilities and a cursory understanding of how GUIs work. I will help guide anyone working on this project to ensure we have a smooth GUI that works across all platforms.

Resources: RTEMS Config, Configuration GUI - These pages still need to be filled out


Miscellaneous Sections

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