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ARINC653 API support

The goal is to provide a minimal ARINC653 layer that support only intra-partition services. As inter-partitions would be managed by an underlying hypervisor, they must be integrated as a second step for ARINC653 services integration. The idea here would be to provide an API that support the first part of ARINC653 services so that ARINC653 application can compile with RTEMS and intra-partition services would work. This implies to add a new API support in RTEMS. The project would enable the following services to be interfaces with the regular RTEMS API: tasks, intra-partition (blackboard/event/semaphore/buffer) and time service. For inter-partition services (queueing/sampling ports), we expect to provide the definition of the function but leave it blank so that an ARINC653 partition would compile but the behaviour would have to be implemented in the future.