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Cindy: I'd be willing to be a mentor for this project.

We probably should ask Ralf Corsépius for additional input in this area, as he's actively maintaining the other toolsets. The form should follow rtems-buildsys and rtems-crossrpms

Status: No active volunteers.

The goal of this project is to provide precompiled versions of the RTEMS tools for Mac OS X. As the RTEMS toolset updates frequently, there must be scripting infrastructure developed to build these tools easily when updates are required.

Tool distribution questions:

  • Provide Binary installers for all of the tools ( similar to the Windows MingW binaries ) ?
  • Provide Mac Ports ( ) for the tools ? ( and can these be used for BSD variants too? ) ?
  • Provide Fink .deb packages ( ) ?
  • Or just provide an easy to use shell script that can download, patch, build and install the tools?

Mac OS X version/architecture questions:

  • Does the project make a cut-off with a newer version of OS X ( say 10.4 or even 10.5 )?
  • Does the project support x86 and PPC Macs or just stick with x86?

Build questions:

  • Can the tools be built and packaged on an open source Darwin OS machine? or is a full Mac OS X machine needed to do these builds?

License questions: Little is know by those who currently build RTEMS tool binaries about the packaging and legal requirements associated with providing MacOS binaries.

The RTEMS Project currently does not have a MacOS X computer and would have to have one before these could be supported long term.

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