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Status: No active volunteers.

This is a project to port more FreeBSD NIC device drivers to RTEMS. Till Straumann has developed the libbsd-port kit which is in the CVS module of the same name. It is considered a prototype but a very good and working starting place.

It would be very useful to have an semi-automated procedure to assist developers in porting individual drivers on an as needed basis than a large collection of untested drivers. The Rosetta OS Device Driver API? effort is a "non-Linux OS" working group which hopes to provide a common foundation set of APIs for device drivers. By supporting this, any Rosetta OS Device Driver API? compliant driver would just work.

In summary, this kit works and is a great aid. However, long term we want to work with the Rosetta OS members to formalize an API so porting code like this is simple.


TBD add build instructions and list of supported NICS.

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