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This project is just an idea at this point. You can make of it what you will. Be creative. Some ideas are captured here. No idea is more important than the others.

Tailoring RTEMS to support hypervisor/virtual machine

See RTEMS Paravirtualization? for a more complete write-up of this project idea.


See ARINC653 compatibility layer?.


RTEMS has been run on the L4 hypervisor so that should be a strong foundation for some types of hypervisor work.

RTEMS Virtual Machine Monitor

RTEMS based RT-VMM (Real-Time Virtual Machine Monitor). Current RTEMS can not support to run another OS (such as Linux or uClinux). We want to add hypervisor (or Virtual Machine Monitor) function on RTEMS, then RTEMS has the power like XEN that can run Linux or other OS, but RTEMS also maintain original hard Real-Time funtions. First, we will try to make RTEMS run uClinux on ARM simulator SkyEye? ( ), then we will try to make RTEMS run ARM Linux on XSCALE CPU based board or SkyEye? simulator. We consider virtualization techs on Embedded RTOS area has potential value. (from chyyuu@…)

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